Sample Checklist for Spring Cleaning *

Bedroom checklist

  1. Dust furniture
  2. Dust window sills
  3. Dust baseboards
  4. Dust picture frames, mirrors
  5. Vacuum and mop the floor


Kitchen checklist

  1. Wipe down cupboard doors and fridge door
  2. Dust and clean painted doors and frames, window sills
  3. Wipe down blinds
  4. Clean countertops and appliances (coffee maker, toaster, etc.)
  5. Clean stove top
  6. Clean microwave (inside and out)
  7. Clean range hood
  8. Vacuum and mop the floor


Bathroom checklist

  1. Dust doors, light fixtures
  2. Clean counter tops, basins, mirrors
  3. Clean bathtub and surrounding area
  4. Clean shower (tile, shower door)
  5. Sanitize the toilet (inside and out)
  6. Vacuum and mop the floor


Living/Dining room checklist

  1. Dust furniture and items on it
  2. Vacuum furniture and under the cushions
  3. Remove cobwebs
  4. Dust light fixtures
  5. Vacuum and mop the floor