Managing clutter takes too much time. Divide as much as you can into three groups: Junk, Charity and Twilight Zone. Get rid of the first two now and store the third until you can decide whether or not to keep the contents.

Remove temptations

If you pile clutter on a table near a door, get rid of the table. Then you're more likely to put things where they belong.

Go to the mat

Use only one entry door into your house. Put an AstroTurf mat on the outside and a sturdy nylon mat inside. It's amazing how much dirt they catch.

Establish command central

Determine a place, usually the kitchen, for the day's mail, calendar, bulletin board, car keys, batteries, school papers, grocery lists, etc. Every family member should have a shelf for messages and an "out box" for filing clutter on a daily basis.

Attack the kitchen floor

Damp mopping doesn't work. You've got to get down and scrub on your hands and knees, like New Century Maids Inc. does. Otherwise you're just pushing dirt from corner to corner.

Shun scum

Prevention is the key. A light coat of lemon oil on shower doors, and auto wax on your bathtub, helps keep them shiny and scum resistant.

Be methodical

Work from the top of your house down. Work from the top of a room down. Dust first, vacuum last. Vacuum from east to west and north to south. Don't polish and scrub floors and mirrors in circles - wipe in straight lines. Squeegee windows with an initial horizontal stroke across the top, then vertical strokes, wiping the blade after each stroke. Carry everything you need with you in a cleaner's apron or a bucket.

Use the clock

Give cleaning solutions time to work. Spray the light fixtures and mirrors in the bath and let the cleaner work while you scrub the tub and toilet. Then come back to them.

Defy dust

Change furnace filter and replace vacuum bags monthly. Don't miss vents when you dust.

Use the right tools

Cotton diapers are great for most jobs, but there are creative specialties: pet hair comes off upholstery and pillows fastest with a damp sponge. A dry sponge erases grime from acoustical tiles. Wear cloth gloves to clean and wipe those mini-blinds by hand.


Quit the martyr act. Each family member should do seven tasks: hang up their own clothes, put away their own belongings, put their own dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, wipe the bathtub and sink after each use, hang up wet towels, replace toilet paper, and do their choice of one specialty chore (folding the week's laundry, vacuuming stairs, emptying wastebaskets, etc.).

What's the fastest way to remove pet hair from furniture?

For regularly scheduled cleanings, vacuum using the furniture attachment. A rechargeable hand held vacuum can help maintain in between cleanings. In a pinch, use rubber gloves or a damp cloth; pet hair will cling to both.

How can I remove pet stains from carpeting?

Put undiluted soda water directly on the stain and blot up with a clean white towel until most of the moisture has been removed. To remove what is remaining, put a fresh white towel down on top of the moisture and place a heavy object on top to remove "the last drop."

What's the most efficient way to remove hair spray from windows and blinds?

Use newspaper and window cleaner on windows and mirrors. Soak blinds in the bathtub with an all-purpose cleaner and water solution.

How do I get rid of foggy mirrors?

Rub a small amount of glycerin on the mirror.

What's an efficient way to approach cleaning?

Think in terms of left to right, top to bottom. Avoid going back and forth around a room, instead work using a systematic approach (Our cleaning team moves from the left to the right). Dust or clean top surfaces first, moving downward as you progress. Finish off by vacuuming your way out of the room, starting in the farthest corner and gradually moving backward.


If you can't get the job done the way you want using tips, contact New Century Maids Inc. We will be glad to carry out all the cleaning services for you and make you satisfied with the result.